Day 3 – Jeff’s SNAP Challenge

Day 3

This weekend was both relaxing and chaotic. To stay within my food budget, I cut out coffee which took a toll on me Saturday morning. Although I slept in, I was feeling really tired and not quite like myself. My day started with a four egg omelette with sautéed peppers and onions: a great meal that’s packed with protein, fat, and micro-nutrients. The total cost for the dish was about 90 cents and it was filling.

After my brunch, I left the house and I wasn’t home for most of the day and I got pretty hungry so I decided to use the money I had left ($5) to buy peanut butter and bread. The peanut butter and bread was for a quick snack, although it was a bit high in carbohydrates and fat than I would have liked, it helped tie me over until I was able to have dinner.

I was invited to join some friends for a birthday celebration later that night night. It was at a sushi restaurant and if you know me, you know I love sushi. So I sat with my friends and ate some free ginger with soy sauce and wasabi. One of my friends offered me a sushi roll they weren’t going to eat. I didn’t order any food but accepted this roll – I took one for the team because I don’t believe in wasting food.

Sunday I went to church and had a cup of coffee that was provided. Afterword, when I got home, I fried up two eggs as a snack and left to go spend some time at my girlfriend’s apartment. Later that night I made another omelet with peppers, onions, broccoli, carrots, garlic, and topped it with hummus. It was delicious, and had a total cost of about $1!

This weekend made me realize and understand a little more how tough it might be for a busy individual or parent that depends on SNAP benefits to eat healthy while managing the chaos of their daily lives. Because I’ve used all my grocery money, I don’t have the luxury I used to have of being able to just pick something up at the store.

This week I’ll be eating a lot of the chicken thighs I baked over the weekend. They were soaking in a marinade of salt, pepper, lemon, and garlic which will make incredible salads and will pair nicely with steamed veggies!





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