About Us

Our Organization

Peace Love Plates, founded in 2012, is a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) non-proft that provides free cooking and nutrition classes to lower income, underprivileged families and individuals.

Our mission is to end domestic hunger, malnutrition, and obesity by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to cook healthy and affordable meals. We want families to spend more time together around the dinner table, eating a delicious home cooked meal. By encouraging our students to cook their own meals and invest more of their time into the lives of those they love, numerous health, financial, and relational benefits are experienced.

Kids that spend more time with their parents perform better in school and therefore are able to earn better opportunities. Academic performance combined with physical health set individuals up for long-term success and help them achieve their goals while improving their overall quality of life.

This is why Peace Love Plates exists: to come alongside and teach the basics of health and nutrition to empower our students to improve their own health and financial status.

Team Members

Jeff Neiman is the founder of Peace Love Plates and serves as the lead chef for their cooking classes. His passion for helping others, developing viable solutions, and encouraging those around him to lead healthier lives is what inspired him to create Peace Love Plates. He loves cooking, exercise, outdoor sports, and laughing. He works full-time at the Glendale Outpatient Surgery Center as a Marketing Account Manager and helps patients find the best medical specialists with in their insurance network and close to home for all types of injuries and ailments.

Linell is a certified Public Health RN, whose heart and passion is for caring, empowering and advocating for underprivileged populations in Los Angeles. She’s worked as a clinic nurse in a non-profit community health center on Skid Row and moonlights as a healthcare consultant, working with various community health centers all over the US; streamlining processes and systems to improve patient access. She currently works as a faith community nurse in Hollywood, partnering with churches and schools in Los Angeles, bringing health screening/education into their communities. When she’s not dreaming about saving the world, you can find her sitting in a coffee shop, journaling or out and about exploring LA, documenting her life and adventures on Instagram.
William serves as CFO of Peace Love Plates. He brings his rich background in restaurant management and food production to the table where he can make a lasting impact by teaching proper food handling and cooking techniques. William’s work has been fundamental to the development of Peace Love Plates. Aside from food, Bill is passionate about Rugby, fitness, and cooking.