Our Mission

We provide free cooking and nutrition classes to end domestic hunger, malnutrition and obesity by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to cook healthy, affordable meals.

Cooking & Nutrition Classes

Our free classes are comprised of a nutrition and cooking class. The nutrition class provides a basic understanding and overview of what a healthy diet looks like, as well as how important our food choices are to a healthy lifestyle. Our cooking classes teach basic culinary techniques including how to prepare vegetables so they’re the most delicious and nutritions they can be, and how to get the most out simple ingredients. We provide our cooking classes in a kitchen setting for the most hands-on learning experience.

Our Services

We teach nutrition and cooking classes to help empower those to make healthier decisions.

Health and Nutrition - Peace Love Plates

Health and Nutrition

A proper food education goes a long way with our health.

Healthy Cooking - Peace Love Plates

Food Preparation

Shopping advice and food budgeting to get the most of your meals.

Cooking Skills - Peace Love Plates

Cooking Skills

Putting your creative mind into the dishes you prepare.